March 28, 2014 @ 5:32 am

    ZERO Review

    wanted zero to be the centre of the story and not a side character in his own show. the show looks looks like kamen rider kuuga and ultraseven x the way it looked a bit. The story has so much going for it but fails in execution and feels like a 1 episode story. The singing puts off the show, every few minutes that would even make the nostaglia critic cringe and even parody.

    Its a very generic show that feels very outdated and quite boring to watch. Too much perverted shots and camera shots being a mess which kinda ruins the experience of watching the show. The villian Ring who is played by Thane Camus was really good but felt his character was really dragged and wasted, the community storyline could have been more interesting but was too wasted and boring.

    Ray fujita as rei was good in his role as, kinda miss when he was younger when he was really playful but when serious, gets really serious, he is like that in his own series but there was not much of it but all in all was good. The problem is he’s just a side character in his own show

    Glad to see his character still loves having really sugary stuff, just like the original garo series and that his transformation scenes were the great moments from the zero show

    Glad to see Shogen who plays yunas father in the show, but he should have played as Rei/Zeros father ( that would have made sense since the show should be about zero ) he is also gonna star as young gouken in the street fighter assasins fist web series soon along with mike moh ( kamen rider axe, from kamen rider dragon knight ) who is starring as ryu and Akira Koieyama (Raija from B-fighter Kabuto) who is starring as older gouken and nice to see a Hassei Takano there( ultraman agul from ultraman gaia and also played as kamen rider raia from kamen rider ryuki) too, he looks younger the zero show

    The ending music from dutz is awesome with the end credits

    Overall the show was wasted, slow, dragged and quite boring to watch, which turned into a generic story and plot. too much singing the same song in the show was very annoying and was over used. it was just plot music.Expected more from ZERO but felt it failed of being what made the zero character so great and felt wasted just like how the One who shines in the darkness was.

    Hope that The Makai flower redeems garo and from the trailer it looks really promising, hope it doesnt dissapoint

      March 29, 2014 @ 5:55 am

      to note, Hassei Takano is in the zero series and not in the street fighter assasins fist web series

      trivia. Ray Fujita is the lead vocalist of the band dustz

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