1. R RyuSensei
    November 27, 2012 @ 5:15 am

    This weekend (Thanksgiving weekend in the USA) was also a national holiday 3-day weekend in Japan so people’s viewing habits may have been a bit off. Also, most middle school students (A key demo for Kamen Rider) just finished their winter term exams so they were probably sleeping in over the weekend after cramming for the last week plus. Dropping .3% isn’t that bad all things considered. As for Go-busters . . . As much as I like it, it hasn’t been as good since they blew did the series finale in ep 30.

    November 27, 2012 @ 12:00 pm

    Go busters was a sentai series post gokaiger and post tsunami floods series. The story was almost a post apocalyptic show and the enerton idea was similar to the nuclear power plant outbreak Japan faced during the flooding must of put off a lot of kids and possibly parents from watching go-busters.

    When the shows on, there are cartoons on other channels so they must have been watching them that avoid the similarities to the nuclear outbreak or even may have got tried from the same sentai formula that as lasted since battle fever J in a row, (it’s a really long time for a show to go on that long). Guess the new staff wanted to give hope to Japan similar maybe to GOGOV with a show that is go-busters saving the world to a similar disaster . But was a wrong move and bad timing from TOEI for doing that. because of the ratings you are seeing the original story for go-busters finish at episode 30 and the rest a reinvention of the show on what ideas could work for the next sentai series kryouuger

    An example Go-onger had a samurai mecha in the movie and later on into the series from TOEI as an test to see if the audience would like that concept and then the next year they did shinkenger a samurai themed sentai show.) So Guessing with the Lion mecha from go-busters may be a test if animals could work within the next years sentai show.

    Remember that even before the gas terror attack in japan in 1995 the early Ohranger was so dark for little kids ( the shows audience), most of them during a TV show that introduces Ohranger as an big anniversary sentai series, a lot kids were crying. It’s kind of embarrassing for the actors of the show because they had to keep a straight face for the kids. Luckily the toy sales were good. But the shows main audience are the kids.

    Hate to say this but the only way kids would watch a show it needs comedy like carranger had with it’s sense of fun made kids laugh and old-time fans laughing at the parody of sentai shows within a sentai series and was debatably considered an sentai anniversary show as well because of this at the time. And of recent Deno and OOO’s success was due to comedy of the show and was relatable with a sense of adventure to Japanese kids . Gobuster as comedy but the main story was way too serious for most kids to like.

    So guessing kryouuger may be another abaranger, megaranger , gaoranger and zyuranger

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